Poésie de la guerre XXI


How to make war a poetry? Perhaps by giving him life through colors, hand-painted paintings, inspirations and exceptional artistic creations. More than a simple duvet of a military jacket, it turns into a web of poetic expression. So that the weapons are converted into pencils and brushes. Until the work of art. These are 25 unique and extraordinary pieces.

"A poetic reconversion of War."

100% Algodón

No lavar en  en lavadora

Planchado medio

A través de un proceso totalmente artesanal, trabajando con el estilo, el corte y la estructura y combinando diferentes tejidos, materiales y técnicas, los diseñadores crean prendas únicas, sorprendentes e inimitables, que respetan la esencia de la pieza original.

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Un producto con historia

Origen del producto 

This coat was originally worn by Italian alpine hunters. It consists of an inner lining resembling a 100% cotton duvet. This so that they can spend several days in the alpine mountains to endure the cold. There was practically a bed with either to be able to park outside for long periods.

Idea creativa 

The idea was to transform this mantle into a piece of art. Not only to use it as a simple garment, but also to be able to admire it, to lose itself in him as in a painting. So that each of these pieces is extraordinary and unique.

It is for this reason that it was desired to collaborate with artists who are currently or have passed through the Spanish schools of Fine Arts. Asking them to draw inspiration from the Art Nouveau current with its soft, rounded and erotic lines, each with its own way of understanding and interpreting it. By adding more life through vibrant colors to bring it out.

Creation process

It was decided to work the lining inside the coat. They have been painted with a textile paint so that they can be washed without any problem. The idea conveyed to artists was the theme of Art Nouveau as a basis for inspiration, but with a more vivid range of colors. They were given total freedom of expression. Each of them signed his work to give it authenticity.