Le chic à vélo


The classic does not always have to be. Keeping the essence of the color and simplicity that characterizes it became something more elegant and original. Perfectly adapted to him and to all his actions.

It was removed from its obsolescence to:

"To accompany the dynamism of the modern man in his day to day with bicycle."


30° wash in washer

Planchado fácil


A través de un proceso totalmente artesanal, trabajando con el estilo, el corte y la estructura y combinando diferentes tejidos, materiales y técnicas, los diseñadores crean prendas únicas, sorprendentes e inimitables, que respetan la esencia de la pieza original.

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Un producto con historia

Product origin

Esta camisa era originalmente utilizada por las administraciones de las tropas armadas de la corona de Inglaterra. Se consiguieron recuperar las últimas 12 unidades, que quedaban todavía en buen estado, para poder crear una colección limitada y exclusiva.

Creative idea

An elegant, original and modular approach was given to this shirt, which was intended for office work, it was composed of a very classic and ample design. From this, it was imagined to rework it by transforming it almost completely by restructuring it with the help of several cuts, adjustments and new ideas...

Among other things to give it a more elegant touch the buttons have been changed, cufflinks have been added (representing bicycles referring to the Parisian lifestyle of their creators). For this the bust and the sleeves have also been adjusted to get closer to the masculine body and highlight it, while maintaining an amplitude adequate to facilitate the movement.

It was also wanted to give the possibility of being able to adjust it as desired, by different possible positions of the shoulder pads, and also to wear it with long sleeves or more original way by folding them and transforming them into sleeves 7/8th which emphasize the wrists.

Creation process

To adjust the bust and waist, the back of the shirt was cut vertically to the height of the shoulder blades and was stitched after the desired adjustment. The same thing was done at the side seams of the trunk.

A similar operation has also been performed for the lower portions of the sleeves so that they are more curved to the arms and can be folded and worn 7/8th if desired.

Carnations in the sleeves have been pierced so that they can be exclusively accompanied by cufflinks.

A new collar was recreated from the existing one, inspired by the neck "Mao", with 1/3 of the height of the original one and left to evade the level of the Adam’s apple.

The originals buttons have been changed by simpler "black mushrooms" by adding a second one to the level of the closure of the shoulder pads in order to be able to better fit the shirt. An inner button has been embedded in the collar closure to emphasize it with an invisible button.