La reine cachée


In order to adapt to its environment. With its camouflage and press buttons that transmit a vibrating touch and the possibility of wearing it ample or well adjusted. In this way She as well as Him, can camouflage themselves as they hear, while keeping the comfort that it brings. All of this without forgetting its waterproof and breathable material that will keep everyone safe.

'' To be noticed with subtlety ''

verde manzana

Poliester Ripstop

Transpirable e impermeable

30° wash in washer

Planchado a media temperatura

No secadora

A través de un proceso totalmente artesanal, trabajando con el estilo, el corte y la estructura y combinando diferentes tejidos, materiales y técnicas, los diseñadores crean prendas únicas, sorprendentes e inimitables, que respetan la esencia de la pieza original.

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Un producto con historia

Product origin

Jacket of the Army of the crown of England.

Creative idea

Les Affluents have sought an innovation while respecting the essence of the waterproof and breathable material that makes up the jacket as well as its camouflage print.

They took advantage of the magnitude of the jacket to play with the volumes by incorporating colored pressure buttons. This give it a more lively and vibrant side, but disappearing when closed, which makes it possible to make the jacket more curved at the waist and arms. Which offers different way to wear it : ample or curved.

Creation process

Press buttons have been incorporated on the lateral parts of the belt in order to adjust them. The same process was performed on the arms at the height of the biceps.