Petits bouts d'Allemagne


This jacket adapts to all the places in which it is located as well in Germany as elsewhere. With its camouflage, its amplitude and its "Goretex" technology, it is a guarantee to be able to move everywhere while being sheltered, and with the style that gives to it its velcro composed of digital designs of photographs of places by which it is perhaps already past or will pass ...

'' For those who live adventures ''

Chaqueta con tejidos de Goretex


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A través de un proceso totalmente artesanal, trabajando con el estilo, el corte y la estructura y combinando diferentes tejidos, materiales y técnicas, los diseñadores crean prendas únicas, sorprendentes e inimitables, que respetan la esencia de la pieza original.

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Un producto con historia

Product origin

German armed troop jacket

Creative idea

While respecting the Goretex material that makes up this camouflage jacket, it was desired to give it an original twist from photographs of different landscapes of Germany by digitally reworking them to incorporate and make them stand out from the camouflage.

The intention was to incorporate the trip through these photos to give the taste of adventure.

Creation process

For this jacket Les Affluents wanted to respect both the virtues of its material and its stylized cut, wishing to give it a touch of color, modifying the velcros that possessed the jacket.

For this a selection of photographs of landscapes and German heritages was made. These images were then reworked digitally to reinforce this color effect which melts and tones both the military camouflage of the jacket. Each Velcro was handmade by sewing each image that had been upstream printed on cotton.