Le soldat urbain


From heaven to earth, this innovative pant landed for Her and Him. The uniqueness and the technology "Goretex", gives uniqueness and unprecedented originality. With an innovative style that adapts to both the woman and the man and their different stylistic tastes (slim / straight cut), and give it a multifunctionality according to the uso in a.

The proper intelligence of pants that adapts to its environment and to the one who carries it. As far as the town or village is concerned, it is important to note that it has a matter of importance to the town or to the mountain, has once donned it will take you to heaven.

“For anyone, anywhere, no matter how.”

50% Poliester

20% Seda

30% Algodón


Talla S:

 ancho del gemelo es inferior a x cm

Talla L:

El talleje de la cintura es..

A través de un proceso totalmente artesanal, trabajando con el estilo, el corte y la estructura y combinando diferentes tejidos, materiales y técnicas, los diseñadores crean prendas únicas, sorprendentes e inimitables, que respetan la esencia de la pieza original.

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Un producto con historia

Product origin

These pants come from German military troops. It was originally used as over-trousers to protect inner clothing and protect from cold, rain and wind.

Creative idea

Les Affluents tiene como máximo estandarte el respecto por el material y sus propiedades. Por ello se quiso conservar la tecnología “Goretex” del tejido. Esta actúa como cortavientos, es impermeable, y al mismo tiempo deja respirar la piel y transpirar el calor, por lo que no se podía prescindir de esta innovación. A partir de ahí, se cambió el concepto de cubre pantalón y se adaptó para usarse como prenda única y personalizable.

For him, the structure has been modified and pressure knobs have been incorporated to allow it to be worn in a curved and stylized manner, or more conventionally in a straight and ample cross-section. In addition to make it more comfortable, ultra soft pockets have been integrated.

The result is a versatile and unisex pant, with the ability to adapt to any anatomy, while maintaining style and innovation.

Creation process

In the back of each leg six pressure knobs have been incorporated to best adapt to the textile components. They were placed to the height of the fold behind the knee, giving comfort and mobility, following the anatomical line of the muscles of the lower limbs to model and enhance them.

Never had the lines of the human body been treated so delicately.

Pockets have been incorporated. Pockets that come from cotton t-shirts. So that they bring even more soft touch and originality.